Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia agreed to a “bet” of $500,000 ahead of Friday’s weigh-in for their WBC super lightweight title fight.

They are scheduled to make 140lbs on Friday morning, ahead of a ceremonial weigh-in on Friday afternoon, and finally to fight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday night.

While Haney has looked as he typically has mid-fight week – his struggles to make 135lbs before he moved up for his victory over Regis Prograis were little secret – Garcia has the appearance of a fighter ready to fight at 147lbs.

At Thursday’s final press conference, perhaps as a consequence of the speculation surrounding his condition, Garcia wore what appeared a weighted vest. As he exchanged insults with his long-term rival and Bill Haney, Devin's father, trainer and manager, at the top table, a bet – It is worth recognising that few of these are ever spoken about after the event – was also supposedly made.

“[Let’s bet] $500,000,” Garcia said, “$500,000.”

“Okay, that’s a bet,” replied Bill Haney. “If you don’t make weight, it’s $500,000.” 

“It’s a bet,” Garcia responded. “It’s a bet. It’s a bet. It’s a bet. It’s a bet.”

Devin Haney then insisted, “$500,000 per pound [over the agreed weight]. Hey, Ryan. Let’s do $500,000 per pound. You wanna shake on it?”

Haney will be making the first defence of the title he won from Prograis in December with perhaps the best performance of his career. He and Garcia – they are both 25 years old – fought six times as amateurs, each winning three fights.

“This has been a long time coming,” the champion said. “The talking’s almost done, and the antics is almost done. This is not an easy fight, but this is a fight that I will make look easy.

“All the antics – everything – I’ve kept my blinders on and stayed focused. I have my tunnel vision, and on Saturday it will show. All the antics – all the stuff he’s been doing – will betray him and it will show. Inshallah.”

“I don’t think you will go in the middle of the ring,” Garcia said. “That would be stupid.

“Come to the centre. We’ll go the centre of the ring, see what you do.

“Nobody’s worried about that. Go run. Come to the centre, do whatever the f**k you want. I’m gonna hunt you down and f**king knock you out.”