For whatever reason, Demetrius Andrade has been unable to take part in any of the big-fight fun. The former Olympian believes he’s done his job. He hasn’t fought the best of the best but the names that were brave enough to face him have all come up short. Although it’s taken longer than he could’ve ever imagined, he’s finally getting his chance to play on the big stage.

On November 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada, David Benavidez will introduce Andrade to the elite level. Fighting the 26-year-old was never in Andrade’s plans. Taking on the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Jermall Charlo, and Gennadiy Golovkin seemed like more feasible options. With that said, the now 35-year-old isn’t complaining.

For most of his career, it’s been a walk in the park for Benavidez. No one has shown an ability to stand up to his perpetual offense and surly in-ring attitude. Caleb Plant, however, almost figured him out.

For at least the first half of their March showdown, Plant had everything clicking. He tagged Benavidez whenever he wanted and smoothly got out of the way whenever he tried to flip the script.

Ultimately, despite a strong first half, Benavidez eventually overwhelmed his man as he dominated the last handful of rounds. Andrade didn’t quite get a chance to attend, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t watching.

Like Plant, Andrade (32-0, 19 KOs) is known as a risk-averse fighter who enjoys boxing from a distance. Outside of their approach, nevertheless, that’s where the comparisons end.

“Listen, Caleb Plant is not me, nor am I Caleb Plant,” Andrade told a group of reporters recently. “Caleb Plant ain’t got the footwork, the IQ, and the power that I have.”

There are a few things missing from Plant’s arsenal according to Andrade but he doesn’t want the former IBF super middleweight champ to take his words the wrong way.

Plant is accomplished, skilled, and crafty. All of the superlatives used to describe him are warranted. But, where he failed, Andrade won’t.

“Caleb Plant, I respect him, he’s also a great fighter but I got the sauce. Trust me.”