By Victor Salazar

Brooklyn, New York - WBA 'regular' middleweight world champion Daniel Jacobs (31-1, 28KOs) has been out of the ring since his first round knockout of Peter Quillin in the all-Brooklyn middleweight bout last December.

Jacobs is scheduled to return in September in a rematch with Sergio Mora. In the first fight last August, both men traded knockdowns in the first round. Ultimately Jacobs got the victory in the second round, because of a leg injury to Mora that forced him to pack it in. Although Jacobs feels there is no need to do a rematch, he says he will take care of business.

“We’re scheduled to come back in September against Sergio Bora, I call him Bora, because he's boring,”Jacobs told "He's literally the most boring middleweight in the world but we don't have a lot of options so we're going to go with the rematch because he knocked me down with the only punch that he landed but in the same instance, it’s a quick payday and move on to bigger and better things.”

To Jacobs it’s personal because of all the trash talk Mora has been saying through social media and different boxing outlets.

“I want to beat his ass,” Jacobs said of Mora. “I been seeing him talk a lot online and it motivates me to want to hurt him. The fight does nothing for my career and it’s a fight I don’t want - but it’s a fight I landed in and as a professional, I have to take care of business.”

Jacobs hoped for an earlier return but the boxing business is always unpredictable with results and the mindset of certain fighters. Jacobs attempted to get a fight with WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders - and claims Saunders rejected the fight.

“We were supposed to have Andy Lee in March or April but those plans got blown up because he lost to BJ Saunders and Saunders don’t want to fight. So plans got pushed back. Then we were supposed to fight Sergio in July and got pushed back. BJ didn’t want no problems. BJ Saunders doesn’t consider me a true champion but I’m a key player in the middleweight division. It is inevitable to believe that I’m not a key player in this game. There is no way not to go to Danny Jacobs if you’re not trying to fight Triple GGG,” Jacobs said.