Conor Benn is not concerned with the weight limit for his upcoming grudge match with Chris Eubank Jr.

Benn, a welterweight, will move up by nearly two weight divisions to face Eubank at a catch-weight of 157-pounds on October 8 at the O2 in London.

Eubank has fought at middleweight and super middleweight for the bulk of his career.

There will also be a 10-pound overnight rehydration clause.

According to Benn's trainer, Tony Sims, the bout will be cancelled if Eubank weighs 159-pounds or more.

Benn indicates that it was Eubank Jr. who selected the weight limit.

“I don’t know how easy he makes the weight but he suggested it to us and we agreed to it. Now we just need to make sure he makes the weight and doesn’t take the cop-out and pay the fine," Benn told The Sun.

“He has set the weight, the lowest he can make, we have agreed to it so now he needs to be a man of his word. There will be heavy fines if he doesn’t. There will be a weight check on the morning of the fight as well but that is just to make sure he doesn’t take the mick and come in three or four pounds heavier. That has been the concern and that is why there was an issue for so long.”

Beside the weight, Eubank Jr. will a clear size advantage with 3 inches in height and 4 inches in reach.

“I am not concerned about the weight difference,” Benn said. “I put over middles and super-middles in sparring, I have to fly them in, so it makes no difference to me anyway.

“I want people to see me beat him in his prime, I don’t want to beat him when he’s had more losses or is on the tailend of his career. At the end of camp I walk around at around 154lbs and I go into the ring around super middleweight anyway, so I am not concerned about the weight, it is not a factor for me.”