Chris Eubank Jr returned to action with a win, but was left disappointed in Newcastle as Wanik Awdijan retired on his stool at the end of the fifth round. 

It was routine stuff for Eubank who after a traumatic summer was keen to have one fight before stepping up into what could be a clash with Liam Williams in December. 

Eubank wore the name Sebastian on his robe and shorts in memory of his brother who died suddenly this summer, while he also had gone down with Covid and another respiratory illness this year. 

“With everything that has happened over the last few months, it was good to be back home, this is my home in that four-cornered circle,” Eubank said. “I would have liked to have put on more of a show. The guy came over and said I broke his rib with a body shot, he couldn’t continue. It is what it is.  

“He came out southpaw, we were told he was orthodox. That is just another obstacle we had to overcome. 

“Some people can take head shot all night long, but they can’t take body shots. 

“We’re on to the next one, big fight in December. Anyone with a title, anyone the fans what to see me against.” 

Awdijan was the third German listed for this fight against Eubank. First up was Sven Elbir, who was due to box him at Wembley two weeks ago, but tested positive for Covid. His replacement was Anatoli Muratov, who failed his medical, then Awdijan was called up for a delayed meeting in Newcastle, with Eubank keen to get a fight in before an expected bigger fight in December. 

Awdijan, a tall southpaw, kept moving ad looked to counter any Eubank step forward with a left of his own. Eubank was cautious and it took until the latter stages of the third round for Eubank to press the pace. 

A sharp left from Awdijan nailed Eubank in the fourth round, but Eubank came back, walking the German into a stunning left hook. 

From then on, Awdijan, who was originally from Armenia, got increasingly negative as Eubank started to bully him. The fifth was one-way traffic as Eubank broke him down and Awdijan retired on his stool at the end of the round, much to the obvious annoyance of Eubank.