Cecilia Braekhus’ (29-0, 8 KOs) former coach Ulli Wegner has hit out at the female pound-for-pound star as she prepares to defend her Unified World Welterweight titles against Klara Svensson (17-1, 5 KOs) on Friday at the Spektrum in Oslo.

The legendary German coach, who took Brækhus from a novice to World Champion, is upset with comments the 35 year-old made about her new training set up, and has already offered his advice to Svensson’s coach Joey Gamache.

‘’Cecilia is an outstanding talent – no doubt,’’ said Wegner. ‘’When I started training her she was really raw but she listened to my advice and she became the best female boxer in the World.

‘’Therefore, I can only shake my head when Cecilia says that finally she has a good boxing coach. Shame on her! Deep down she must know who to thank for this great career.

''If anyone knows the key to defeating Cecilia it’s me, and I’ve given Joey Gamache my advice. His fighter is in for a tough fight, no doubt, but at this stage of her career, there are question marks over Cecilia’s stamina and athleticism, and Klara must test these.

‘’Cecilia will also want to make a statement against the young challenger, and that will put more pressure on her, whereas Klara has no pressure on her and that's an advantage.

‘’I believe Cecilia reached her climax under my tutelage and I don’t think that she’s still on that level. I’ve not seen any improvement in her last few fight because all I’ve seen are a few rounds against over-the-hill fighters and you can’t live up to your potential against these types of opponents.

The 74 year-old has also hinted at taking a more hands on role for the fight:

‘’I hear Oslo is nice this time of year, so who knows, maybe I’ll make the trip over!’’

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