By Nate Campbell (In response to an earlier news brief with comments from Joan Guzman - read here )

Jacksonville, FL - Joanie, Joanie, Joanie. You still don't get it. Let me see if I can make this clear. YOU ARE NOT MY MANDATORY. Casamayor is. And if Casa don't sign, you STILL might not be my mandatory. Unless Paco elevates you over Khan as my mandatory (which he hasn't done yet, regardless of what you think you heard), you don't matter at all. So enough of all your yapping.

And then you bring my wife into this?

Man, you just don't know. See, I left your family out of my previous response. I didn't say one word about your husband. I left him out of it. But now you brought my family into this, so there it is. And get off Shaeffer's sack already. Don't you know he aint your daddy no more? Didn't Sycuan buy out GBP's interest in you? And if they paid more than 15 bucks for it, they got beat. You also suggest that I "kiss Sycuan's ass". I leave that to ho's like you. I came into this game a man, and I'll leave it as a man. If you want to bow down to these cats, then that's on you.

Although from what I hear, you being down on your knees isnt anything new. Anyways, it's obvious that nothing constructive is gonna come from this nonsense, other than to see who is the best shit talker. If you end up as my mandatory, I'll give you that ass whippin. You can come get it. But until you ACTUALLY ARE my mandatory, you should just keep Shaefer's sack in your mouth and shut up. It's not polite to talk with your mouth full. Every bitch should know that much.