One hurdle standing in the way of an intriguing non-title bout between British countrymen Kell Brook and Chris Eubank Jr. has apparently been cleared.

Kalle Sauerland, the handler of middleweight contender Eubank, said the matter of which weight the two would potentially fight at had been “finalized.”

“The weight has, we have – as I understand it, there are middlemen that are acting here as well,” Sauerland told IFL TV. “I understand that the weight issue was finalized last week.

“Of course, the weight’s important. It has to be fair to both. I think there’s a solution for that now. Of course, it’s about professional boxing.”

The seemingly rejuvenated Brook (40-3, 28 KOs), a career welterweight, has been fielding offers from challengers eager to face him after his dominant sixth-round stoppage over bitter rival Amir Khan in their welterweight contest, which was held at a contracted 149 pounds, last February. Eubank (32-2, 23 KOs) has been among the most vocal in calling for a Brook fight, but he has also made it clear that he would not fight at 155 pounds, the weight Brook has singled out as the highest he would go.

Eubank’s contention is that while Brook fights at a smaller weight, the Sheffield native would be the bigger fighter on fight night because of his propensity to blow up in weight.

“The guy walks around at 180-pounds,” Eubank told TalkSport recently. “He walks around heavier than I do. He fought Gennady Golovkin at 160 and got into the ring at 168 on the night. When I fight at 160, the maximum I put on is five pounds. He will be bigger than me on the night if we fight at 160. People are talking about me coming down to 155, that’s just not going to happen.”

While the weight issue may no longer be an obstacle, the fight seems far from a sure thing, as Sauerland, whose company was acquired by the global talent agency Wasserman last year, seemed to indicate that there is still a considerable way to go on the money front in reaching an agreement.

“It’s about splits, it’s about money,” Sauerland said of the issues that remain on the table. “[The fight] really depends on – we have reasonable demands for what I believe is market value.

“It’s now down to the sides to find a common agreement. I think it’s a very big fight, it’s a blockbuster. Do they really want it? We’ll see.”

It should help that Brook and Eubank share the same promotional affiliations. Brook’s last fight with Khan was promoted by Sky Sports house promoter Boxxer, the same outfit that has a multi-fight deal with Eubank, who is backed by Wasserman.