By Steve Kim

Last Friday, Manny Pacquiao was scheduled to announce his next opponent in what could be his swan song from the ring, but he informed Bob Arum on Thursday that he would be holding off on naming his next opponent. The delay by Pacquiao surprised his promoter.

"Being surprised is a polite term for it," Arum, the CEO of Top Rank, admitted to on Wednesday morning.

"But again, it's his career, it's his life and the announcement will come when it will come. So I'm not there (with Manny), Mike(Koncz) is there. Mike is doing what he can and hopefully it will be made shortly."

When asked if April 9th is still the tentative plan, Arum stated clearly - "That is my concrete plan, April 9th. I'm going with a show in Las Vegas, hopefully headed by Manny Pacquiao. If not we'll find other talent to go on. But April 9th we're definitely going ahead at the MGM arena."

As for the possibility of a rematch with Floyd Mayweather?

"As far as I'm concerned as far as the feedback I have received -  Mayweather is retired. Leonard Ellerbe keeps saying that, I believe him," said Arum.

"I don't see any indication otherwise and therefore I'm not going to say,'Oh, yeah, he can fight Mayweather,' whatever. Mayweather's retired and until we learn otherwise he is retired."

Steve Kim is the news editor for