Former world champion Antonio Tarver is open to the possibility of taken part in an exhibition fight.

The 55-year-old Tarver retired back in August of 2015, when he fought to a split draw with fellow former champion Steve Cunningham.

Tarver is best known for his three fight series with Roy Jones Jr. and his two fight series with Glen Johnson. He also stepped in the ring with Bernard Hopkins, Reggie Johnson, Montell Griffin, and Chad Dawson.

The veteran of the game is ready to be a part of the exhibition circuit - which exploded in 2020 when Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. came together for a fantasy showdown on pay-per-view.

Tarver would love to get in the ring with the likes of Tyson and even Jake Paul.

"The only fight that people seem to let me have is Roy Jones Jr – that’s the only guy I can fight it seems. I fancy the exhibition game and believe I can be a positive asset to it but in everything I try to do, I want to do it big," Tarver said to Betway.

"I’m not going to come into an exhibition situation just to come into it, I would want a big show. People may think at 54 years old that I am still a threat to these young guys that are 30 years younger than me. If you wrap you mind around that, what does that say? If a man at 54 right now is a threat to a guy who is 23 or 24 years old, even in an exhibition when it isn’t for real, then it says a lot. I don’t get it. Any event I am involved in, I am going to bring something to the table and it’s going to a positive rather than a negative.

"If I were to do an exhibition fight, it would be against a big MMA giant or a major boxing giant like Mike Tyson or the likes of a Logan Paul or Jake Paul. I think it’s suitable for a guy like me. It would be an honor to don the ring with the great legendary ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson who has been one of the biggest names in the sport forever. When you look at what he did together with Roy Jones Jr, it was incredible.

"Could you imagine Mike Tyson against Antonio Tarver in an exhibition? A lot of people would like to show up and see could Mike Tyson land a bomb on Antonio Tarver or could the ‘Magic Man’ pull a trick out of his hat one more time?"