During his amateur run, Keyshawn Davis dominated the competition. However, no matter how spectacular he appeared to be, the 24-year-old was never quite able to solve the complex puzzle that is Andy Cruz, losing to him a total of four times. Although he became obtrusive, Davis has seemingly placed Cruz in the rearview during his time as a pro.

Davis, of course, has looked spectacular in nine fights under the bright lights while Cruz only recently gave up the amateur games. Cruz, a native of Cuba, had an arduous path before reaching stateside. Once he was able to make the leap, the 27-year-old signed with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing before officially making his pro debut against Juan Carlos Burgos.

Winning against a well-seasoned veteran was a piece of cake for the former Olympic gold medalist. Now, he’ll look to match up against some of the lightweight division’s best. Naturally, a showdown against Davis is one that makes all the sense in the world. Well, at least to everyone but Cruz.

He might be just one fight into his career, but Cruz has his sights set on facing the best of the best. And at the moment, Davis doesn’t fit that mold.

“I’ve come to this country to fight the best,” Cruz told FightHype.com. “Keyshawn, I’ve already beat him every single time that we’ve met. I don’t consider him one of the best right now.”

Davis might take offense to Cruz’s words, but the former Olympic silver medalist keeps taking care of business on a consistent basis. This past weekend, at the Firelake Arena in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Davis easily outclassed Francesco Patera.

According to the loquacious young star, it’s only a matter of time before he grabs a world title at 135 pounds. If that’s the case, Cruz admits that he’ll be willing to face Davis one more time.

“In the future, if he’s ready and we meet again, so be it.”