By Mark Vester

Junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley and Amir Khan waged a war of words on twitter over the last few hours. Bradley said enough was enough when he saw an article where Khan said he would clean his clock if they met in the ring [click here to read]. The two 140-pounders have been waging a verbal war for the last few days.

Bradley - Amir Khan said he will knock me out. Bring it on baby I will fight you next! If your a man face me next and not [Juan Manuel] Marquez.

Khan -  Your turn will come, just get in the que. I want to face a better bunch of opponents first.

Bradley - Until you face me you will never get the respect...period! So who you [are] going to face next then?

Khan - Tim Bradley is dying for a pay day. Tell him get in the que of better opponents and wait his turn to get KO'd.

Bradley - Dude what you talking about? Believe in my own hype? I've beaten [Kendall] Holt, [Lamont] Peterson, [Junior] Witter, [Nate] Campbell. I deserve a pay day.

Khan - Remember one thing, I'd beat everyone who you beat. I'd KO them. Infact, you avoided [Andreas] Kotelnik and [Dimitry] Salita. Who's the bitch now?

Bradley - I avoided Kotelnik and Salita?? Please explain how I avoided them? I think you're the ducker. Who's your mandatory? [Marcos] Maidana.

Dude I highly doubt you would have beaten Kendal Holt in 2009, maybe now but not when I fought him.

If you face Maidana next fair enough, he's your mandatory but if you face Marquez you know there will be a backlash against you about. You gotta be a man and tell Richard Schaefer you wanna face legit 140 pounders not blown-up lightweights.

Khan - Maidana has a bad back. I wanted him. You say you want to fight but indirectly you don't. You overprice yourself and say I'm scared...come on!

Bradley - You paid Maidana step-aside money. You're the ducker son!

Your ego is too big. Humble yourself before someone shatters your glass jaw!

Overprice myself? What are you talking about? Gary Shaw and Richard haven't even discussed financial details.