By Mark Vester

In the new age of communication, you can expect this to happen more often. A few months ago welterweight champions Shane Mosley and Andre Berto traded words on Twitter. Now it appears WBA junior welterweight champion Amir Khan and potential future opponent Paulie Malignaggi have begun to trade some words on the social tool. Malignaggi's name has been mentioned as a potential opponent for Khan. He was the first choice when Golden Boy Promotions signed Khan a few weeks ago.

The two sides could not reach a deal and Golden Boy turned their attention to matching Khan against Juan Manuel Marquez in May. Malignaggi may fight WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto on April 10 in NY.

Malignaggi has been ripping shots at Khan, claiming the Brit is avoiding his WBA mandatory Marcos Maidana and being matched in "safe" fights.  

A collection of edited snips from the back and forth exchanges. It wasn't pretty.

"Ask Oscar [De La Hoya] and Richard [Schaefer] why we're not fighting each other. Him and Freddie Roach refused! So we moved on and got bigger and better [things]. We've got bigger fish to fry than Amir Con on April 10. If Amir Khan wants it, then he knows our number. We called him out numerous times," Malignaggi said.

"We know more about Amir Con's career than [he] does! Kid's a bust. Khan doesn't want it. He knows who is the man."

Khan fired back with some words of his own. He taunted Malignaggi to throw down in New York City.

"How is Golden Boy protecting me? Maidana is not a big paid fight, Marquez is - plus he is a tougher fight. Marquez is a bigger test than Paulie. I want to fight Marquez because Paulie won't agree. I will call Golden Boy now and tell them I [want] to fight you," Khan said. 

"Look guys no joke here, I never trash talk, but the fight against Malignaggi - they have refused. Read the press on net. No point in talking big. I will come to Paulie's city to defeat him and put up the WBA title on May 15th. I have an HBO date. Let's get it on? Don't p**sy out. I will tell Golden Boy to call Lou DiBella."

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