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Miracles of the mind (non boxing)

Posted 04-01-2010 at 11:20 AM by LEFTYGUNZZ
you know too often people ignore the true thought inside their heads. They sit and they try to do things to get their minds off what is really at hand. There are many different sayings like "time heals all wounds" and "forgive but never forget". I ask myself question often like can you truly ever forgive someone without forgetting? Or does the fact that time passes make you feel less hurt over an event or a loss? I wonder really about things like this. I know for me it has been six months since I lost pop and I have not forgotten it hurts everyday no more and no less. On days where I feel good sometimes I feel guilty for not being upset and on days when I am down I try to pick myself up and keep my mind focused on things like my kids, wife and my job.

When people scar you in life and when I say scar you I mean get at you bad or at a bad time. Do you ever really forgive them? I mean you want to forgive them you try but can it happen? Can the relationship ever be the same? It is like when your spouse is unfaithful to you the trust is never the same right? You always have to keep one eye open and watch out for the knife sliding in your back. It may be due to a lack of attention or guilt that you might even blame yourself for such a act of betrayal. People are often in denial when someone they think cares for them or is a person in their life who has always been there does them wrong.

When I say forgive I mean mend the relationship get them back in your lives try to act as if nothing ever happened right? Wrong!!! You can never do such a thing you can try but behind the surface of every conversation every encounter there will always be the truth of how you really feel no matter how hard you try to conceal it. This is fact take it to the bank. You may have not forgotten what was done but how it made you feel inside when it happened. Every so often you will be reminded either by that person or someone else who is close to you and was there at the time of the event. It is just how life is.

You often hear them say "you may forgive them but I don't. Not for what they put you through and how they made me feel helpless watching you being upset day in and day out" This is a fact of life just how things are when we see the people we love hurting we hurt too. This is why sometimes it is best to not wash your dirty laundry in the street you know? Miracles of the mind is what I called this little blog I wrote. Reason being is because the mind is truly a miracle in how it works. Most people can see no wrong doing in what they do or what certain others do around them.

It is funny how the reason or logic is turned in on itself and they even when showed to themselves to be hypocritical can just shrug it off and not stray from their point of view. It amazes me to what extremes one will go to prove themselves right. How hard they will work to do so. You know they say it takes so much more energy to hate someone then it does to love them. I agree with this but sometimes the hate feels so good that you cannot let go of it. To me being angry and hating someone is bad for your soul. It is like having high cholesterol you know how to get rid of it but you keep eating those fatty foods because you know no other way to live right?
I tell you the truth sometimes you are so damn mad and one thing snowballs into another and after a few months go by you forgot what it was that got you mad in the first place right? Forgot the reason why you were hating on someone to begin with? Sometimes when this happens that person goes ahead and does something to remind you why or something else happens and someone else points something out to you and boom there you go again. You get so involved and angry you don't even know who to trust. It is crazy the miracles of the mind and how they can lay tricks on you.

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Most people lie and exaggerate and your eyes can play tricks on you. It is crazy to think that your own mind can play tricks on you too no? All you have to do is assume or think someone is out to get you or something happened and boom there you go again. I often wonder if sometimes the people we lock up for being crazy are really the sane ones and we the ones who follow all the rules and try to be good are the crazy people.

I got to believe in something so I choose my own way and believe in myself. Does that make me a bad person? I got to take the time to invest in something good so I work out eat right and try to invest in my health. Does that make me a bad person? I have a family so I try to keep them safe warm well feed and a roof over their heads. Does this mean I am greedy? Is it wrong to spend time taking care of yourself and the ones you love. I was always under the impression if you didn't take care of yourself then you could not take care of anyone else. I thought that was pretty stupid always putting everyone and everything else in front of myself for most of my life. Now I realize that if you don' take care of you then no one will. You can only do so much until you break down.

As much as there are many miracles of the mind it is still very fragile and not fully understood. Life is a learning process and even at 33 or 93 you can still learn new things. the one thing that is very predictable in life is people. People never stop doing certain things regardless of the mind set and how they act in public when it comes down to it we still survive off basic instincts and traits. The feeling to preserve one’s self and the ones you love is always the strongest and certain feeling cannot be developed only acted on with effort. Miracles do happen every day and you need to keep both eyes open and question everything to understand that they do not come in the form of such as written in the bibles or on the television. They come in the form of ideas and words spoken with actions that follow.
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