WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder created a viral sensation when he demolished mandatory challenger Dominc Breazeale with a single punch, in the first round, last Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Wilder landed a single right hand that send Breazeale down and out. The fight was waved off when Breazeale barely got up at the count of ten.

Whyte has been steaming over the WBC sanctioning Breazeale as the mandatory challenger.

Whyte has been sitting in the number one position of the WBC's rankings for some time, but he was passed over in favor of Breazeale when it came time for a mandatory defense to get ordered by the sanctioning body.

"Plenty of people seemed to be raving about Wilder’s knockout victory over Dominic Breazeale at the weekend. But Breazeale is exactly the kind of guy you fight when you are trying to look good. How the hell can he be number four in the WBC rankings and the mandatory challenger? What has he achieved in his career? He’s far from the top level. He’s a nobody who only had three fights against other nobodies in the last three years and it’s a disgrace that he was mandatory," Whyte told Talk Sport.

"Neither him nor Bermane Stiverne earned their status but were cherry-picked by Wilder as the only two mandatories he’s fought in four-and-a-half years. He’s meant to have at least one every year.

"Stiverne was 40 years old and completely out of shape having only had one fight in three years, against a journeyman, since losing the title to Wilder. What a joke! Wilder has been lucky. The WBC have been looking after him because he is their champion. He has a high KO record in his professional career but he has fought a lot of cabbages."

Whyte will return to the ring on July 20th, when he faces undefeated challenger Oscar Rivas at the O2 Arena in London.