World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman is standing firm on his organization's decision to reject the sanctioning of Amanda Serrano's last defense. 

On Tuesday, Serrano revealed that she was vacating her WBC featherweight world title because the sanctioning body has no intention of sanctioning her future fights for 12 three-minute rounds.

The WBC, at the recent convention, made it clear that women's title fights would remain at 10 two-minute rounds - and the sanctioning body cited medical studies for their position.

The men's championship distance is 12 three-minute rounds.

Back in October, Serrano fought Danila Ramos over 12 threes. The fight was sanctioned by the IBF, WBA, IBO and WBO - but the WBC refused to get involved.

"We made a strong commitment for safety. We ratified everything that we have studied," Sulaiman explained to Sky Sports. "Whoever wants to try challenging risks, it cannot be within the WBC structure.

"Perhaps it's a coincidence, it came naturally but the two-minute rounds create huge action, great emotions. The risk with fighting for more time, you become more dehydrated and also tired and that is very dangerous. We love the two-minute rounds, especially for protection and safety but also it's a great spectacle."

According to Sulaiman, the WBC is even considering the scenario of testing the waters with shorter rounds for male boxers.

"We're even looking into maybe doing a pilot test or something for men fighting two-minute rounds," Sulaiman said. "It will be very interesting."

Serrano is not alone in her desire to fight for 12 threes.

In a recent interview, Mikaela Mayer expressed her interest in having 12 three-minute rounds for her upcoming world title fight with IBF welterweight champion Natasha Jonas, which takes place on January 20.

"We're the type of pioneers who should be doing that," Mayer told Sky Sports. "These are the type of moves we should be making."