UFC President Dana White is not the biggest fan of Youtube star Jake Paul, but he believes the media villain is doing the perfect act as the 'bad guy' to secure significant pay-per-view buys for his matches.

Last Saturday night, Paul blew away mixed martial arts veteran Ben Askren in one round - after landing a big right hand on the chin.

Askren, who previously fought in the UFC, was able to get to his feet but he was stumbling around - which prompted the referee to stop the fight.

The pay-per-view has reportedly generated at least 1 million purchases - and White is not surprised.

"This is the right guy with the right shtick at the right time," White told Yahoo Sports.

"This guy is playing this thing perfectly. And boxing is in such a bad place, they're doing a really good job at sucking in people to buy into this thing. And good for him."

The 24-year-old Paul raised his record to 3-0 with three knockouts.

He said the big punch was locked and loaded despite his trainer advising him to take his time and stay away from throwing the big bombs that early in the first round.

"I set him up for sure," Paul said. "I was going to the body the whole fight. I was barely hitting him. 

"My check hook was f------ him up. I was setting him up the whole time. I was saving the right hand for that moment. I knew he wouldn't see it coming. My coach in the corner was like 'don't load up, don't load up!' That's what he told me the whole camp - don't load up, don't load up!"