Tyson Fury is going to have some added expert backing on December 1.

Fury has hired Freddie Roach to be his cut man for the upcoming world title with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

The contest takes place on December 1 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Showtime/BT Sport Pay-Per-View will carry the contest.

Fury has been training in Big Bear for the contest, and recently moved his camp to Roach's Hollywood gym, the Wild Card Boxing Club.

In recent weeks, Roach has been assisting Fury and his head trainer, Ben Davision - who replaced the boxer's uncle, Peter Fury, as the lead voice in the corner. 

While Roach will be working as a cut man, he will likely provide expert advice and strategy during the contest when necessary.

Fury, who snapped more than a 2 year layoff back in June, is a very big underdog in the contest.

“He asked me if I’d work in his corner,” Roach told Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated. “He asked me if I could do cuts. I said, ‘Yeah, I have guys better than me though.’ He said, ‘Do you know what you’re doing?’ And I said, ‘Of course I do—I have everything you need.’ So I’m the cut man.

“I like him—he’s very positive and he has a good idea of how he is going to win this fight. He’s got good legs, he feints well. He’s a talented guy. I think he has the ability to outbox [Wilder]. He can’t outpunch him. If he tries to slug with him, he’ll get caught. But he’s a good boxer and he has good legs and I think he can box for 12 rounds without any problem whatsoever. He seems to be in very good condition. Boxing here, he has gone up to 12 rounds a couple of times.”