According to Triller co-founder Ryan Kavanaugh, a potential boxing match between Oscar De La Hoya and Georges St-Pierre was derailed by UFC President Dana White.

De La Hoya, 48-years-old, has been retired since getting stopped by Manny Pacquiao in the fall of 2008.

The ring return of the former six division world champion was targeted for July 3 - but then pushed back to September when Triller was unable to finalize a suitable opponent for the planned pay-per-view.

The target opponent was apparently former UFC champion St-Pierre.

While the MMA champion has been out of action since November of 2017 - he's still under an exclusive contract with the UFC.

St-Pierre, who turns 40 next week, officially announced his retirement in February 2019. When that announcement was made, his UFC contract was frozen, which is why it's still valid and he requires their permission to compete for outside companies.

Last month, St-Pierre was spotted training with Freddie Roach at the Wild Boxing Club in Los Angeles.

Kavanaugh erupted on social media at White, for preventing the De La Hoya vs. St-Pierre boxing match from taking place. 

“[Dana White and the UFC] just blocked Georges St-Pierre from fighting Oscar De La Hoya,” Kavanaugh wrote. “It is a big payday for GSP and both he and Oscar’s dream to fight each other. Dana would rather hold back those who put the UFC where it is and why?

"I’ve tried to call and text Dana at least 5 times to make it work for both parties, not even the courtesy of a return call. And he’s trying to get Jake Paul to fight for the UFC now? Making him offers? Just hurting his own people and chasing ours."

White and De La Hoya were once close friends, but in the last few years the two executive have become heated rivals. White has verbally erupted several times in De La Hoya's direction.

And lately, White has not been very happy with Youtuber Jake Paul and Triller.

He's accused Paul of making attempts to court some of his stars to fight him in a boxing match on a Triller pay-per-view event.

Last month, Paul stopped MMA veteran Ben Askren in the first round of a boxing match.

Askren retired from the UFC in 2019. Like St-Pierre, he's under a frozen UFC contract, but received permission from White to take part in the contest.