Light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury is not giving up on a potential fight with Youtube star turned boxer, Jake Paul.

They were initially set to collide last December.

The fight fell out when Fury withdrew with a rib injury and chest infection. He was quickly replaced by former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, who was brutally knocked out by Paul.

It was then scheduled to take place on August 6th at Madison Square Garden in New York CIty.

The bout once again fell through, when Fury was denied entry to the United States.

He was replaced by heavyweight prospect Hasim Rahman Jr. - but that fight also fell out, when it became apparent that Rahman was struggling to make the contract weight.

Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is still eager to get Paul in the ring.

"Both of us now, it's too far gone for it now to happen. It's been back and forth for a long time and in this game you need a dance partner," Fury told VIP Boxing Promotions.

"As you've seen in his last fight, he couldn't sell over a few thousand tickets because nobody knew his opponent. In this game you need a good dance partner and I can't say it any fairer than this, I will fight you in any single place in this world. You don't have to come to England, I'll fight you in Canada next to America, I'm not bothered."

According to Fury, his legal team is currently trying to solve his problems with entering the U.S.

"We're trying to sort it as we speak. But everybody thinks it's just a simple process of turning up and going to the embassy but it's not," Fury said.

"It takes time and my lawyers are on to that now, and trying to do everything they can to get this fight on. Hopefully we can get it resolved and I can go to America and fight him, but if I can't, I'll fight him anywhere else in the world. I can't say it fairer than that. What more can I say? I'll fight him anywhere else on the planet, you pick, not bothered and I'll be there."