Some of the critics of Gervonta “Tank” Davis were finally won over. It may have taken a few years, but the newly turned 29-year-old has continued to rack up the wins and look good while doing so. In 2023, you could make the argument that it all came together for him.

During the first weekend of the new year, Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) became the first man to defeat Hector Luis Garcia. If that wasn't enough, the former multi-divisional champ took out another Garcia, first name Ryan.

Those aforementioned wins made most in the boxing world nod in approval. Tim Bradley, however, yawned apathetically.

In no way, shape, or form is Bradley saying that Davis isn’t good. Actually, he reveres his skills and considers him one of the best fighters around. With that said, Bradley also believes that Davis isn’t what he says he is.

“Tank is gonna get exposed soon,” said an amped-up Bradley to Sean Zittel of “He gets in there with the right guy, Shakur Stevenson, he’s gonna get exposed.”

Stevenson, 26, has a chance to grab yet another world title this coming Thursday when he takes on Edwin De Los Santos. Since hanging up his gloves several years ago, Bradley spends most of his time checking out countless hours of fight tape.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a fighter that Bradley doesn’t know inside and out. Stevenson, by and large, isn’t analogous to anyone he’s seen in recent memory. The way the former Olympic silver medalist slyly moves his chin out of the way from any oncoming shots, while landing whenever he wanted, has made Bradley jump out of his seat.

From his point of view, Stevenson vs. Davis is probably the biggest and best fight that can be made in all of boxing. But while most might consider their showdown a 50/50 one, Bradley scratches his head in confusion.

Anyone who shares that belief comes across as incoherent to Bradley. Davis might have the skills and obvious punching power but Bradley questions whether or not that red organ beating inside his chest can get him over the line.

“Things get hot in there and he can't have his way, you can beat him. He would definitely fold under pressure.”