Junior welterweight Starling Castillo (19-1-1, 13 KOs) snatched a split decision win over Jesus Saracho (13-2-1, 11 KOs) Wednesday in a close co-main event on ProBox TV’s “Wednesday Night Fights” in Plant City, Florida.

Two of the ringside officials scored the fight in favor of Castillo (98-92 and 99-91), while one saw it for Saracho (96-94).

In the first round, Saracho landed a glancing right hook to open the action. Eventually, Castillo landed a good combination to the body with less than a minute remaining. Saracho was also granted a brief break to recover from an unintentional low blow to the hip.

In the second, Saracho worked the body, slipping and moving his way through the opening two minutes. Castillo later turned the tide with powerful right hooks and straight left hands to the head and body.

The pace slowed to start the third, as Saracho was cautious of Castillo's long left hand. Saracho later pushed the action, snapping Castillo’s head back while the fighter was on the ropes.

In the fourth, Castillo began by ripping the body of Saracho, who came back to land a smart left to the body a minute later. Saracho pressed again in the final minute, landing a body combination. Castillo replied with a reaching left to the head before Saracho put together a combination to the body and overhand left before the bell.

The action dipped again in the fifth and sixth, but Sararcho eventually landed a good left to the body halfway the seventh. Castillo appeared tired as Saracho cut off the ring and sent a left-right combo to the body with 20 seconds on the clock.

In the ninth, Castillo landed a good overhand left to the head, but Saracho kept coming forward, landing a good combination to the body with a minute down. Saracho continued to press with more good body work, likely making an impression with the judges in an otherwise tight affair.

Saracho dug to the body with another combination to open the tenth. Castillo landed a triple jab followed by a left hand halfway through the final round. Saracho maintained pressure through the final bell, and because neither man was especially accurate, Saracho’s activity seemed to win the round.