NEW YORK – Skye Nicolson remained undefeated Saturday night by beating an overmatched opponent whose record defied her ineffective, strange style.

The 27-year-old Nicholson, a 2021 Olympian from Australia, dealt well with Alvarez’s wild approach and won their 10-round featherweight fight on all three scorecards. Judge Martha Tremblay scored it a shutout for Nicolson (100-90), whereas judge John McKaie scored eight rounds for Nicolson (98-92) and judge Allen Nace credited Nicolson for winning seven rounds (97-93).

Nicolson improved to 6-0, but she still seeks her first knockout as a pro. She also captured the WBC Silver featherweight title by beating the 21-year-old Alvarez (7-1, 1 KO), who fought outside of her native Spain for the first time.

Barcelona’s Alvarez entered the ring unbeaten in seven professional fights, but she lacked technique and often charged at the left-handed Nicholson without much semblance of a game plan. Nicolson continually countered her with straight lefts and right hooks, but she couldn’t hurt Alvarez, who bled from her mouth for most of their bout.

Alvarez mostly missed wildly with her punches, which were thrown when she was off balance. She rarely stopped coming forward, but she often literally ran toward Nicolson and didn’t set her feet before throwing inaccurate punches at Nicolson.

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