The postponement of the Sept.10 Claressa Shields-Savannah Marshall card due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II led to steep financial repercussions for its organizers and participants, according to the lead promoter of the event.

Ben Shalom, the head of Boxxer, which promotes both Shields and Marshall, felt that moving the original date of what was supposed to be a significant day for women’s boxing was the right move, even if it spelled “disaster” on the financial side. Shalom, is promoting the card, now rescheduled for Oct. 15, in tandem with Top Rank Inc. and Dmitry Salita. The card also features a notable women’s 130-pound unification fight between Americans Mikaela Mayer, the WBO/IBF titlist, and Alycia Baumgardner, the WBC titlist.

“We’ve lost more than anyone on this show,” Shalom said on BBC 5 Live Boxing. “From a financial perspective it’s a disaster. When you’re getting to a fight night like that, and this is an international fight night at that. This is hundreds of people traveling in from around the world.

“When something like this does happen, though, it does put into perspective…I think there are more important things from our perspective than sport and business. I actually controversially maybe do believe that it was the right decision to [postpone] and not celebrate in the face that quickly of what was going on.”

Shalom pointed out that efforts are being made to take care of the fighters on the card. As it relates to fighters aligned with his company, such as Shields and Savannah, Shalom said they would all receive some sort of advance to make up for the fact that they missed out on a payday.

“But the fighters, yes, they’re the ones that are hurting the most,” Shalom said. “What I would say is we are dealing with female fighters now that are earning seven figure purses, which is remarkable in itself and they are hugely well-paid athletes in itself … we will support our fighters, don’t get me wrong. We are giving advances, making sure that no one goes without anything. What I would say is that fortunately for the fighters on this card they fight regularly and they are paid well.

“All the tickets will be transferred to October the 15th. There will be no changes with that. We’re working now with hotel partners and travel partners to see what can be done to subsidize any hotels and travel that happen that week because it was difficult and I’m sure there are a lot of people that lost a lot of money. What I can say we’re working with insurance, we’re looking at it now, but it’s one of those freak moments that doesn’t happen very happen but is one that actually puts everything into perspective. We almost have to just deal with [it].”