Undefeated cruiserweight contender Richard Riakporhe was far from impressed with the most recent performance from WBO world champion Lawrence Okolie.

Riakporhe was an interested observer back in March, as he watched Okolie win a twelve round unanimous decision over mandatory challenger David Light. The bout had little to no fireworks, with fans in attendance voicing their displeasure in what was deemed an "ugly" fight with a lot of holding and wrestling.

"I fell asleep, I was bored, I was frustrated and tired and I was sick and tired, I was literally sick and that's why I didn't show up," Riakporhe told Sky Sports. "I wanted to come to the fight but I was in bed, everybody was contacting me on my phone.

"That actually p!ssed me off even more because I was expecting something explosive. You have to bear in mind I'm a fan, talking from a fan's perspective. Even though I'm a professional, I'm a fan and I didn't get my money's worth even though I didn't pay for it."

Both Riakporhe and Okolie have promotional agreements with Boxxer and Sky Sports.

Okolie is scheduled to defend his strap against the always dangerous Chris Billam-Smith on May 27.

Riakporhe is hoping that Okolie puts in a far more entertaining performance - to increase the demand for a future fight between them.

"I don't like to criticize fighters, I'm a fighter myself and I'm my biggest critic, I criticize myself, but he has to do better and it's only for the best interests of our division, himself and myself, because people want to see a potential clash between us," Riakporhe said.

"The better he performs, the better for me, the more money in my pocket, the more money in his pocket, it makes sense. Hopefully he puts on a better performance next time."