WBC Diamond Champion Regis Prograis talked legacy and Kiryl Relikh at the final press conference in Lafayette, Louisiana ahead of the WBSS super-lightweight semi-final at the Cajundome on Saturday.

“Legacy never dies. This will be here way when I’m just ashes and gone,” Prograis told local TV Station, KATC, at the press conference.

“That’s why I signed up for the tournament. It’s a big risk and reward at the same time. It’s real fights. You can’t duck people, you have to fight. It’s a big reward at the end, at the end of the rainbow is the pot of gold.”

Prograis’ trainer Bobby Benton has outlined the gameplan to follow for Saturday’s semi-final against Kiryl Relikh, the WBA Champion of Belarus.

“Benton tells me what he does and what he does good and what he does bad and what his tendencies are,” said Prograis.

“He doesn’t go in completely blind – he has an idea of what his opponents will do – but this set up allows him to be freed up entering the ring.

“It makes me become the best me I feel,” said Prograis. “You aren’t expecting anything. I expect the best. I expect him to be really fast, really strong, really aggressive. That’s what my mindset is. It’s focused on him being the best. I’m preparing to go against the best every time and I can’t wait for Saturday to go out and do what I do.”

Kiryl Relikh is expecting an even fight. “He is not easy, and I am not easy so I think it will be an interesting fight,” he told. “I don’t want to reveal too much about my plan of how to beat him, but you’ll see on Saturday…”