To a certain extent, Regis Prograis believes he’s being picked on. For the past few years, seldom is he ever called out. His track record, of course, is a big reason why. With wins over Jose Zepeda, Julius Indongo, and Terry Flanagan, Prograis has proven that he isn’t the type to play around with his food. However, despite sending most of his opponents home in a stretcher, Devin Haney believes he’s vulnerable.

The newly turned 25-year-old might've been on top of the lightweight world, but he grew bored. So, in desperate need of something fresh, Haney decided to add a bit of muscle to his frame and move up to the super lightweight division.

If he wanted, Haney could’ve chosen just about anyone. With the sort of money he was bringing to the table, it was unlikely that he would’ve been turned down.

A soft touch would’ve been acceptable but there was something about Prograis that Haney liked. In no time, the two engaged in a few conclaves. It didn’t take long for both sides to come to an agreement, leading to a December 9th, showdown.

During the lead-up, Haney hasn’t said much but he’s released countless workout videos. He looks a bit different in his new weight class. Haney’s shoulders look broader, his muscles are cut up, and his back is more defined.

The muscle he put on may look good for the cameras, but it’s all for show and not for go. From Prograis’ point of view, it doesn’t matter how much size Haney puts on, he’ll always be feather-fisted.

“I’m fast, I’m strong, I knock people out,” said Prograis recently. “That’s what I do. Devin can’t knock sh!t out.”

Sitting on the outside and boxing with Haney might put Prograis in a hirsute situation. So while he’s confident that his skills match up just fine with his upcoming opponent, he’s stated time and time that he plans on hurting Haney like practically everyone else he’s fought.

“I really knock people out.”