By Rick Reeno & Steve Kim

Michael Koncz, adviser to WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao, described their late night meeting with Floyd Mayweather Jr. as being "professional and productive."

The two fighters had an unexpected chance meeting on Tuesday night, when both of them were courtside for a game between the Heat and the Bucks in Miami, Florida. During the game, Koncz approached Mayweather and asked him if he was interested in getting together with Pacquiao, which the two fighters did during halftime.

"We did not know that Floyd was going to be at the basketball game. In fact we were supposed to fly home yesterday but we had a problem with our tickets and we're flying tonight, so Manny decided that he wanted to go to the basketball game," Koncz told

"We were shocked when we saw Floyd come in there. That wasn't a staged thing. Then I approached Floyd and chatted with him a little bit, and asked 'hey, let's go to the Manny side and take a picture.' I said we didn't have to discuss anything, that it would be great for the media. So he chatted to me about being misinformed and this and that, and said he would come over at halftime. Then he came over, repeated what he repeated to me, and then that was it."

During the conversation, the two fighters exchanged numbers. After the game, Mayweather called Pacquiao and the two fighters set a meeting at the Filipino star's hotel suite in Miami.

"Then we got a call later that night, asking me if he could come to our hotel to speak with me and Manny, which we allowed. He was very pleasant, very professional. He indicated he was very eager to make the fight, which I believe as of last night he is. Whether or not that's the same tomorrow I don't know," Koncz said.

According to Koncz, most of the issues were related to the broadcast terms between CBS/Showtime, who Mayweather has a contract with, and Pacquiao's network partner Time Warner/HBO.

"The major discussion revolved around broadcast issues. Manny and I both told him 'if those are the only issues, those are simple and we can have those fixed in the morning.' And in fact I've confirmed that they've been resolved," Koncz said.

During their meeting, Mayweather called Showtime Sports head Stephen Espinoza, who had a pleasant conversation with Koncz and Pacquiao regarding the fight.

From what BoxingScene was told last week, two of the main broadcasting issues were related to the commentators working on the pay-per-view and which network would handle the reality show (24/7 for HBO, All Access for SHO).

Koncz feels confident the issues were resolved.

"Espinoza was on the phone last night. Floyd put him on the phone with us. I told Floyd, and Manny agreed, if those [broadcasting items] are the only issues then no problem...we can take care of it. This morning Manny instructed me to get on the phone. I talked to Arum. Arum had conversations with [HBO CEO Richard] Plepler and [CBS CEO Les] Moonves and those issues are resolved now," Koncz confirmed.

Koncz and Pacquiao walked away from that meeting feeling very optimistic that a deal can be stuck for a May 2nd showdown.

Steve Kim is the news editor for