Former WBO featherweight champion Oscar Valdez (28-0, 22 KOs) is gaining motivation from the increased opinion that Miguel Berchelt will beat him on February 20, when they clash for the WBC super featherweight title at the MGM Grand's Conference Center in Las Vegas.

Valdez has even listened to the opinions of his idols, who are also siding with Berchelt.

"That motivates me, I have listened to my great idol Julio Cesar Chavez, who says Berchelt is going to win; that motivates me, there is nothing more beautiful in life than when you say quiet and let your fists speak for themselves," Valdez emphasized to Jose Luis Camarillo.

Their contest was scheduled to take place in December, and later pushed back when Berchelt was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Valdez, inactive since July of last year when he beat Jayson Velez, is very eager to get in the ring.

“Adversity turns into the opposite, I visualize myself in the future talking to young people, to the children that I have inspired, explaining that I was crowned (champion) during a pandemic, that I went to parks in order to train. We are living in very strange times. It would be a good way to visualize a movie in my future," Valdez said. 

"What happened (the postponement) is a message, I know that things happen for a reason, it is my way of thinking, I never let a bad comment affect me, I always try to make sure everything is fine in my camp, I stay positive - that's what wins the fights, to have a good atmosphere, arrive well prepared physically, but even more so mentally. Losing is not an option!

“I train with the same intensity, but smarter, more focused; more disciplined. I finish training and arrive home directly to rest. If you gave 100 percent, you end up very tired, you only get to eat and sleep, there is no energy for anything else. We are training very hard, I want to shut mouths. I want to fulfill my dream of continuing to win, to be on that list of great boxers in history."