Ohara Davies claims to be in the process of shaping opponent Jack Catterall into a more successful fighter outside of the ring even if he plans to destroy his unbeaten record inside of it on Saturday.

Londoner Davies (18-1-KO14) and Catterall (22-0-KO12) clash at the Leicester Arena – live on BT Sport – and engaged in an entertaining round-the-table face-off ahead of the showdown.

Davies said: “Yes, Jack might work hard in the gym but boxing is about being entertaining outside the ring as well as inside the ring.

“Jack has been entertaining in the ring but when it comes to being outside the ring, he’s not entertaining one bit so I said my aim was to bring it out of him and I think I did that a tiny bit.

“That will help him go a long way in the sport of boxing. I think I’ve taught him something already and on Saturday, I’m going to teach him something else!

“I don’t hate anyone. It’s all love in my heart. At the same time, I’m quite a competitive person. I even trash-talk my friends on the running track. That competitiveness is good and healthy.

“We’re young and we’re men. Let’s compete. Catterall – let’s compete.

“I know this fight isn’t going to be easy. Catterall is a really good opponent and that’s what I haven’t overlooked him. I can’t afford to.

“I’ve kept my head down and been in the gym 24/7. You’re going to see the best Ohara Davies.”

Also on the bill on the night are Davies’ and Catterall’s MTK Global team-mate Archie Sharp, who challenges Leon Woodstock for the WBO European super-featherweight title and the unbeaten Raza Hamza.