Nestor Bravo used every trick in the book—legal or otherwise—to turn away the challenge of Will Madera.

The unbeaten junior welterweight prospect outboxed Madera over ten rounds to preserve his unbeaten record. Scores of 96-94, 96-94 and 99-91 went to Puerto Rico’s Bravo in their DAZN-aired main event Friday evening at Caribe Royale Resort in Boricua-friendly Orlando, Florida.

Bravo entered the bout in search of his first win of 2023 despite boasting an unbeaten record. The Puerto Rican prospect was forced to settle for a No Contest in his previous outing earlier this year but jumped out to a strong start on Friday. Enough left hands found their way home to produce rapid swelling around Madera’s right eye.

The solid performance delivered by Bravo was not without flaw. He was frequently warned for low blows and both boxers were warned by referee Frank Santore for not fully stepping back on ordered breaks in the action.

Bravo landed several power shots in rounds three and four as Madera fought through compromised vision and offered little in return. The Albany, New York native was able to change that in round five, when he connected with a left hook upstairs after Bravo missed with a right hand.

A strange tactical decision by Bravo to fight out a southpaw stance did not produce any real success. Conversely, Madera was able to close the gap in the second half of the fight. A strong round six by the ‘prospect killer’ transitioned into a solid seventh, as Madera connected with a pair of right hands at close range. Bravo took the shots well but didn’t respond until later in the round when he was able to regain control of the fight.  

Round eight saw frequent clinches which produced a considerable amount of dialogue from referee Frank Santore, who did his best to maintain order in the ring. Madera landed an overhand right late in a round largely controlled by Bravo’s punch and grab style.

Bravo returned to the jab in round nine. Madera was pushed back by the stick, which Bravo followed with right hands down the middle and over the top. Good sportsmanship was exuded by Bravo who offered his assistance after Madera was pushed to the canvas through incidental contact.

Madera landed a right hand to the body early in the tenth and final round. It was lost in a series of clinches and lack of cooperation as the referee warned both to break clean. Bravo used his shoulder to push Madera around the ring and in position to land his right hands.

Madera fell to 17-3-3 (10KOs) as he suffered his second straight defeat.

Bravo (22-0, 15KOs; 1NC) won his first bout since October 22 with a No-Contest wedged in between. The bout marked the second time he was forced to go the full ten-round distance.

Jake Donovan is a senior writer for Twitter: @JakeNDaBox