There’s simply no other way around it, Errol Spence Jr. was dominated by Terence Crawford.

With both viewed as pound-for-pound stars operating on the highest level, fans and media pundits were split right down the middle in terms of who would win. Was Spence too big and too strong or was Crawford too skillful for the former unified welterweight champion? Those questions were painfully answered on July 29th.

Spence was beaten down, abused, and ultimately broken. Outside of the first round, there wasn’t a single second where Spence looked like he belonged in the ring with Crawford. Watching the 33-year-old hit the canvas time and time again brought back painful memories to Mike Tyson.

The former heavyweight champ plunked down his hard-earned money for a ringside seat expecting to see a once-in-a-lifetime sort of fight, not a one-sided beating.

With lumps protruding from every part of his body, Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) slinked back to his locker room. He held his head down despondently as he answered questions at the post-fight presser. Those concerned for his well-being have floated around the idea of him retiring. That notion, however, should be the furthest thing from Spence’s mind according to Tyson.

“Errol didn’t get his ass whooped worse than I did with Buster Douglas,” Tyson told ESNEWS. “Look at me, I came back.”

In the early 1990s, Tyson seemed unstoppable. He often scared the living daylights out of his opponents before they even made it to the ring. If they just so happened to get past the physiological warfare, Tyson gave them a beating anyway. Douglas, nevertheless, was a bit different.

He looked Tyson square in the face without an ounce of fear. Jaws hit the ground the moment Tyson’s skull hit the canvas. Considering that many still believe that it’s the biggest upset in boxing history, Tyson is of the belief that Spence has nothing to be ashamed of.

All in all, the now-former champ has revenge on his mind. He’s already activated his official rematch clause and is merely waiting to see what weight class their sequel will take place at.

Fighting Crawford again is something that Tyson supports, just not immediately. Call it a tune-up fight or something to make himself feel good but the former undisputed heavyweight titlist wholeheartedly believes that Spence needs to get on a roll before he takes on Crawford for a second time.

“He doesn't even have to fight Terence. Fight somebody else, couple of fights, then come back and fight him.”