Nina Meinke challenges the iconic Amanda Serrano for the IBF, WBA and WBO featherweight world titles tomorrow night in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

However, the bout signifies a change in women’s boxing. The contest, live on DAZN, sees the two women collide over 12-three minute rounds instead of the traditional 10-two minute rounds. 

Serrano is in a scheduled 12-round bout for the second time in her career. The first was against Daniel Ramos last October in Orlando, Florida. Serrano went the distance to secure a wide unanimous-decision win. It was a historic moment which saw a female world title fight take place for the first time over the same distance as men. The WBC refused to sanction the fight, Serrano opted to vacate her belt. 

Meinke (18-3, 4 KOs) will go the new distance in women’s boxing for the first time in her career. 

“This is 12-three-minute rounds which is almost double what we used to fight,” Meinke said, exclusively to “It’s going to be intense, but I’ve been training in the Dominican Republic. I’ve done over 150 rounds of sparring in four weeks. We’ve prepared well for the new distance, my trainer has sent me to hell and back. 

“I think, for women, it is better to fight 12-threes because it will be more interesting for the viewers as well. Most of the time the knockouts happen in the third minute, and you have so many female fights where they just get into the round. I just think it will make the fights much more interesting for everyone. We also have to prove we can do the same distance as men. I don’t get why we can’t fight 12-threes. In the UFC they fight five minutes the same as the men as well.” 

Serrano and Meinke co-headline the card in San Juan, with the IBF, WBA and WBO allowing the longer distance. 

“I suppose I will find out tomorrow night if I prefer it,” Meinke joked. “I’m really proud to be a part of this movement. I feel good, I’m prepared and I’m ready for Saturday. I can’t wait. We have had a lot of the press week now. I’m starting to feel the atmosphere. I’m very excited.”