The future of UFC superstar Conor McGregor is currently unknown.

The fighter has numerous options in the UFC and he has several options if he decides to return to boxing.

Back in August, the UFC lightweight champion made his professional boxing debut, at 154-pounds and with eight-ounce gloves, against a returning Floyd Mayweather Jr., who at 40 years old was snapping a two-year retirement.

McGregor started well and may have swept the first three to four rounds, but he was getting tired as the fight played out and saw himself get broken down and stopped in the tenth round, before a packed crowd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The UFC star gives heavy praise to Mayweather. He says Mayweather was able to a make numerous adjustments that secured him the victory.

“It is what it is. I got beat. He’s a tactical genius in there. He changed his game plan three times, that’s the sign of a true champion. First, Philly shell, second rope-a-dope, third when both of those was getting picked at, he went Mexican style, hands up, knuckles above the eyebrows, dipped in low an just walked forward. It’s like an ugly boxing style," McGregor said, according to MMA Weekly.

“But he was able to change that game plan three times. It’s the sign of a true champion. He got the win, fair play to him.”

McGregor is still very willing to do a rematch - and he feels confident of victory if certain changes are made in the training camp.

He was not prepared for some of Mayweather's tactics - like coming forward and throwing punches. He expected the undefeated boxer, who retired after their bout with a 50-0 record, to run around the ring and box.

“If it happened in a rematch, it’s a simple adjustment of me having a heavier sparring partner coming in, in the later rounds, and lean on me and walk me down. Where as in my sparring in the lead up to the camp, we were always against fast, twitchy, light on their toes opponent with a Philly shell style and their backs against the ropes. Never against forward pressure because he’s never fought like that so it took us by surprise and I got beat," McGregor said.

“If I had a rematch, I would correct that and I would beat him. He’s retired. I’m not going to start calling him out of retirement. I’m going to leave him to it. If it happens, maybe it will, who knows — I would beat him no doubt.”