By Edward Chaykovsky

They don't agree on too many topics, but welterweight champions Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are in agreement that May 2nd will not define their respective legacies.

Pacquiao has captured eight divisional titles, while Mayweather has secured five divisional belts. They meet for the WBO/WBA/WBC titles at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Both fighters have made millions of dollars in the ring and generated millions of purchases on pay-per-view. Their upcoming fight is expected to break all existing pay-per-view records.

"Floyd Mayweather's career is not defined by one fight. One fight will not define my legacy. If that's the case then I didn't have to fight all of the fights that I fought. I would just come to the sport of boxing, have one fight and then say 'this defines all of my victories.' So again, this fight does not define my legacy," Mayweather said.

When the question was posed to Pacquiao, he agreed with Mayweather's position.

"My entire career defines my legacy. Everything I have done in boxing. I have had some great, great accomplishments and achievements in my career. I won titles in eight different weight divisions. I don't want to boast and talk about the eight different weight divisions, but that accomplishment is amazing. Beyond my expectation. When I started boxing, I never imagined it," Pacquiao said.

While it may not define legacy, it will certainly provide the victor with some bragging rights on which of them was the better fighter of this generation.