SSE Arena, Wembley - The boxing world was shocked, while watching unknown 22-year-old Mauricio Lara (22-2, 15 KOs) pull off a massive upset as he beat down and knocked out unbeaten former featherweight champion Josh Warrington (30-1, 7 KOs) in the ninth round.

Warrington had vacated the IBF title in the weeks leading up to this return, because the sanctioning body had ordered him to rematch Kid Galahad.

Numerous personalities in the boxing world reacted to the outcome on social media:

Carl Frampton - I don't want to do a disservice to Lara, clearly very heavy handed. But the only reason I can see Warrington losing that is through complacency. Should have been stopped in the 4th. Punishment like that not good for anyone

Eddie Hearn - What a night of drama! Absolutely devastated for Josh, he will be back - congrats to Lara a young man that changed his life tonight. The greatest sport of all.

Shane McGuigan - Amazing sportsmanship from Lara. He clearly knew the punishment he was inflicting throughout the fight. My thoughts go out to Warrington, hope he’s ok.

Joe Gallagher - Absolutely gutted for @J_Warrington & his team . Boxing in this lockdown is dangerous  no crowd for fighters who used to it , cannot get right sparring in especially when fighting Americans & Mexicans different rhythm .hope Josh is ok

Congrats to Lara who fought 4 times last year in lockdown and been sparring World Champions . Took his opportunity and most probably feels hard done by not flying home with the World Title

Josh Taylor - I really hope josh Warrington is ok after that, he’s a real top lad. In my opinion that fight should have been stopped that first knockdown, he took a lot of heavy shots & looked hurt for a big duration of the fight. This is a big reminder to never underestimate your opponent.

Paul Smith - Just said on air on @DAZNBoxing how Warrington fought on after the 4th was so brave. But he was concussed. On autopilot. Never recovered and wasn’t doing a thing but taking more damage! Crazy night of boxing

Anyone else, anywhere else, in any other situation (apart from Josh Warrington just vacated his belt) that would have been stopped at the end of the 4th. Very very least at the start of the fifth when it was clear he hadn’t recovered at all. I hope he’s ok

Tony Bellew - Boxing is so so HARD!! Never forget this people... The most brutal sport in the world..

Jamel Herring - Tough break for Warrington, but you never wanna see any fighter go out like that. I just hope he can recover in the long run.

Kal Yafai - Concussed after the 1st knockdown. Should of been pulled out. Hope he’s ok.

Enzo Maccarinelli - Warrington is the one fighter that not having a crowd will effect more than most but no excuses on his performance Lara came to win showed power from the start and when you feel that power you box different

Anthony Fowler - Sad to see that there,  gutted for Warrington after giving up his belt he’s had a nightmare,  I don’t know what went wrong but he didn’t look right from the start,  he needs that rematch with a crowd

Sunny Edwards - Devastated honestly for Josh there. Styles make fights, Lara looked seriously heavy handed and how Josh recovered and won rounds after that 4th il never know. Biggest heart in British boxing

Chris Billam-Smith - Pretty sure I heard the corner say "his eyes look glazed" right in front of Josh and he just sat there and didn't say anything. This was a few rounds before the finish!

Richard Riakporhe - Warrington looked concussed from very early on in the fight and should be checked thoroughly. Respect to Lara for alerting the medics to check on our man.