Orlando, Florida, Caribe Royale Resort - Paul Kroll and Marquis Taylor fought to a spirited split draw in their eight-round super welterweight bout by scores of 77-75 for Kroll, 80-72 for Taylor and 76-76 in a verdict that frustrated both fighters.

Before the bout, Philly’s Kroll spoke of the little respect he had for Taylor’s power, since Taylor only had one knockout on his ledger, but it was Taylor who was the harder and busier puncher in the contest, relying on a check left hook that continually found its mark. 

Houston’s Taylor connected on 34% of his power punches compared to 29% for Kroll, outscoring him 98 to 71 and out-landing him 109 to 84 in total punches.

Taylor (12-1-2, 1 KO) staggered Kroll (9-0-1, 6 KOs) in the sixth with the biggest punch of the fight, a left that caused Kroll to fall against the ropes as Taylor followed up with digging shots to the body.

"I thought I had it for sure,” Taylor said. “I thought I had the fight in the bag. I don’t know what the judges saw. I was being the aggressor and I landed the clearer shots. I thought I really had that fight with no questions. I don’t know what else I could’ve done.” 

The busier and fresher fighter, Taylor didn’t sit in between rounds and at times had to be restrained by his trainer from running to the middle of the ring before his minute of rest was up.

Normally a patient and technically sound fighter, Kroll, a former amateur star who won the 2016 U.S. Olympic Boxing Trials, went after Taylor in the first, throwing a wild right hand that continually missed its mark.

Kroll fought well in spurts and with urgency in the eighth and final round, but Taylor was ready for him.

“I thought I won the fight 5-3,” Kroll said. “I took the beginning and the end. He won a couple rounds in the middle. We can run it back on the next ShoBox. I am ready to fight him again. He was awkward, but I outworked him on the inside. I won that fight.”