By Steve Kim

The fourth edition of 'Hollywood Fight Nights' returns to the Avalon in Hollywood in what will be a Halloween-themed event.

"I think this will be our best show yet," said Tom Loeffler, the head of 360 Promotions.

"Last time we were over-sold, we had standing-room only. This time the ticket sales are even above the last time. We've got Serhii Bohachuk who has really become a fan favorite. He's 10-0, 10 knockouts, always in exciting fights, trained by Abel Sanchez.'

Bohachuk is a rising junior middleweight and Loeffler says, "he's become one of my favorite fighters, every time he's in a fight it's exciting. He's probably going to have one more fight this year and then next year we'll step up his level of competition where I think he can move up the ratings next year."

'the Hollywood Fight Night' series was created by Loeffler earlier this year and he says going into 2019 it will continue on.

"This has become the most popular show in L.A., that's a series, the fans love it," stated Loeffler, who provides a free stream of this card on

"The fighters, the response that we get, the inquiries from those who want to be on the show because it goes internationally. We get a lot of celebrities there. The fighters know that when they fight on 'Hollywood Fight Night' it's actually a very visible event for them."

And because this show takes place a day before Halloween, Loeffler says, "We're encouraging the fans to dress up with their costumes. We're going to have a $100 prize for the best costume. It's going to be another great atmosphere."

Steve Kim is the news editor for