Former world champion Liam Smith is gearing up for his rematch with middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr.

Earlier this week, the rescheduled fight was officially announced for September 2 at the AO Arena in Manchester.

They initially met back in January, with Smith pulling off a big upset when he knocked out Eubank in the fourth round.

In the aftermath, Eubank exercised his contractual right to an immediate rematch.

Smith is very serious in his belief that the loser of the upcoming fight should probably retire from the sport.

"Defeat is not an option. I've said in the past, my next loss will probably be my last one so there's your answer. He's come off the back of a stoppage loss. I probably predict he'll come off another stoppage loss too and then it's down to Chris and his team but at 33 years of age losing twice to me is his ambitions to still be world champion quite realistic? Probably not. I feel he would probably be done after this but with Chris and his ego, he might not be," Smith told Sky Sports.

The rematch was scheduled on two other dates, with unexpected delays due to Smith suffering an injury in training camp.

After some much-needed recovery time, Smith feels in proper form - and he's eager to prove that his last win was no fluke.

"I'm fully healed and I'm back in the gym full-time. September 2 is not too far away and I'm looking forward to it and I've said it before, I'm looking forward to scratching that itch. I do everything right in the gym. I'm a better fighter than Chris Eubank Jr. I've proven it last time and I'll prove it again," Smith said.

"Because Chris activated the rematch clause, he has to come up with some sort of explanation for the first fight. He's got a point to prove to a lot of people and he's got a point to prove to himself because he's got to change the outcome of the first fight but I'm massively confident it will be the same outcome again as long as the Liam Smith of old turns up."