Falls Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - In his first defense of the EBU bantamweight title, Lee McGregor (11-0, 9 KOs), who many feel is a rising star at the weight, survived an early knockdown to score a fourth round knockout of previously unbeaten Vincent Legrand (32-1, 17 KOs).

McGregor captured the EBU belt in March with a first round destruction of Karim Guerfi. 

Legrand held the EBU title at the flyweight limit on two occasions. 

When the contest began, McGregor was noticeably bigger than his opponent. McGregor was coming forward and looking to push Legrand back. But, Legrand was boxing nicely and landed several well-timed shots.

In the second round, Legrand put his punches together and dropped McGregor to shock the rowdy local fans. Before the bell sounded, Legrand landed several telling punches on what seemed to be a buzzed McGregor against the ropes.

During the third, McGregor was pushing forward and looking to mix it up. Legrand was covering up well and countering back with punches of his own. The left eye of McGregor was starting to swell up.

In the fourth, McGregor came out pressing and landed a big shot to the body as he pinned Legrand against the ropes - which sent the unbeaten challenger down to his knees. Legrand was in pain and stayed down for the full count.