Las Vegas fan favorite, Cameron “Suave” Krael got the victory in a 10-round welterweight showdown against Kenya’s Michael “Hurricane” Odhiambo, live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. In the co-main event, “Amazing” Layla McCarter scored a unanimous decision victory over Argentina’s Yamila “La Maquinita” Reynoso.

After only 2:03 into round 1, Cameron “Suave” Krael (15-13-3, 4KOs) defeated Michael “Hurricane” Odhiambo (15-11, 12KOs) after having knocked him down 3 times. Krael’s opponent couldn’t keep up with his speed, power, and piercing blows. After the third knockdown, the referee brought the bout to a halt, and Krael earned the TKO victory.

“I felt really sharp from the start,” shared Krael. “I adjusted to follow-up on each of my punches because they were all landing and I was able to end the night early. I’m ready for anything! I’m ready to take a step-up and challenge anybody. I’m just ready to go!”

Michael Ohdiambo was not available for comments. His co-trainer Byran Washington shared his thoughts on Ohdiambo’s performance.

 “We’re going to get back in the gym and work on legs, stamina, chin, everything,” stated Washington

Seasoned fighter “Amazing” Layla McCarter (43-13-5, 11KOs), was featured in the co-main event vs. Argentina’s Yamila “La Maquinita” Reynoso (11-6-3, 8KOs) in a 10-round welterweight battle. Both fighters started off feeling one another out. McCarter began to loosen up and get more comfortable going into the 2nd round, as she began to let her jab go in front of her hometown crowd who frequently cheered her on.  Reynoso seemed focused on her game plan. The third round saw more action from Reynoso, as she kept a quick pace and walked forward to her opponent to connect head and body shots. In the coming rounds, McCarter came out swinging and continued to keep up with the fast pace of her opponent. In the late rounds, a more aggressive McCarter showed up and posed frustration for her opponent. After 10 action-packed rounds, the judges scored the bout a unanimous decision in favor of Layla McCarter.

“I don’t feel I performed at my best, but we did get the W,” shared McCarter. “ We’ll get back in the gym and get ready for the next thing. She’s a young girl, she’s 22 which means she was 2 years old when I turned pro. She had a lot of pep and energy and I just didn’t have that type of energy tonight.”

“I don’t agree with the judges’ decision tonight,” says Reynoso.  “I feel that it could’ve been at least a draw. I know that I put in good hands.  I will get back in the gym and correct my errors and hopefully get a rematch.”

Additional action saw undefeated former Olympian from Brooklyn, NY, Richardson Hitchins (7-0, 3KOs) make his Las Vegas debut against Pennsylvania’s Tre’Sean “Trigger” Wiggins (10-4-1, 6 KOs). This fight with both fighters applying pressure, then turned out to be a full-on brawl. After 8-rounds of action, judges scored the bout a unanimous decision in favor of Hitchins keeping his unblemished in tact.

Undefeated super featherweight, Andres “Savage” Cortes (10-0, 6KOs) went toe-to-toe with Mexico’s Eder “Koriano” Fajardo (9-7, 4KOs) and worked his way to a TKO victory after Fajardo’s corner put a halt to the bout.

In a 6-round bantamweight bout Antonio Rodriguez (15-23-2, 6KO’s) from Durango, Mexico, defeated Dylan “The Real Dyl” Price (7-1, 5KOs) by split decision.

In the opening bout of the night, we saw Maryland’s Travis “Seever” Reeves (17-3-2, 7KOs) get his 17th victory over Lanell “KO” Bellows (18-4-2, 11KOs) by unanimous decision in a 10-round super middleweight battle.