WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury loves to reflect on his favorite career memories.

One of the memories that Fury enjoys breaking down, was a "mental battle" with Wladimir Klitschko in a sauna.

Fury shocked the world when he ended Klitschko's ten year run in November 2015, with a twelve round unanimous decision to capture the IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO world titles.

When discussing that time period, Fury always details an incident where he outlasted Klitschko in a sauna - which Fury firmly believes provided him with a clear mental edge in their upcoming fight.

"Everyone said that Klitschko was the sauna king. He couldn’t be beaten in the sauna," Fury said.

"Everyone goes in the sauna and Klitschko has to stay in longer, it’s his mental little thing he does to everybody. Everything’s a competition to me, if we’re playing basketball or PlayStation, I’ve got to win. I'm in there like a minute and I was totally f--ked, thinking I can’t do this, I really can’t do it. We sit in the sauna for a long time, it got up to twenty minutes and he gets up and makes it hotter.

"Now I’m counting to ten six times for a minute in my head, then I know it’s been a minute, if I pass out, I pass out. The boys will just bring me out and put some water on me and I know I’ll be alright. I got a newspaper, I picked it up, I put this oil all over me, I’m laid down reading this newspaper. It gets to about 45 minutes and he just walks out, didn’t even speak to anyone on the way out, just goes upstairs.

"I thought I can’t just get up now and walk out, I’ve got to leave it a few minutes. So I’m nearly passing out and walked out the door, felt all light headed like I’m really going to faint, and everyone said: 'What did you do to Klitschko?' and I said: 'Listen, I’ve just won a mental battle with him.'"

Klitschko recently stated that he found it a little disturbing that Fury is always detailing a story involving the two of them in a sauna.

"I keep reading these disturbing stories about Fury’s recollections of a sauna. Apparently I was in some contest, in his head. How creepy, this man keeps having thoughts, dreams of me in a sauna," Klitschko stated.