Eddy Reynoso, the co-trainer and manager for WBC flyweight champion Julio Cesar Martinez, stated a few days ago that his boxer would look to unify titles in his weight class - before moving up in weight to pursue bigger game at super flyweight.

Once he heads up to super flyweight, Martinez would target the likes of Juan Francisco Estrada, Carlos Cuadras, and Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez.

“We’re going to keep him at flyweight and try to defend and unify with Tanaka or Mthalane. And we’re getting harder fights little by little. We’ll move up to 115lbs to fight Estrada, Cuadras, Chocolatito, there’s so many good fighters and I believe it’s step by step. We’ll keep him at featherweight then move up to super featherweight," Reynoso said.

Estrada has studied Martinez and he believes his countryman has too many flaws, specifically in his defense, to beat him.

"The truth is that Martinez is a good fighter. There was speculation that they wanted to face me, I do not know if it is true. I have seen him fight and I think he would not beat me because he takes too much punishment... and with a good boxing fighter, like me, I think he would not have a chance at the moment," Estrada said to Lautaro Tonellotto.

"But when he moves up from the flyweight division, he has to be very careful because he has to have more waist mobility, more so [at a higher weight], in order to avoid receiving too much punishment. But he is a great fighter and he is one of the Mexican champions at the moment.

"When I am up in the ring against any fighter I study him for the first two rounds. In the third or fourth round I [begin to put my plan in place]. I have to be a smart boxer. I'm Mexican, I like war and trading punches. When I get hit I say 'now I'm going to give you many more in return', but intelligently. There are many fighters who say 'Mexican style,' but which one.. When people think Mexican style, they think about going to war, blood, trading punches. And the truth is that when you go up to the ring you have to be smarter because you risk your life when you get in there."