UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones is apparently willing to explore the possibility of a cross-sport boxing match with WBC champion Tyson Fury.

Last month, Fury and Jones traded words on social media. 

UFC Dana White indicated to reporters that he was willing to make that fight - as long as it took place in the cage, which greatly favors Jones.

"I’m telling Tyson Fury, whom I respect very much, if you really want to find out who the baddest man on the planet is, I will make that fight. I will make Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury in the octagon. And, you know, we figured out how to pay Floyd [Mayweather] and figure out how to pay you too Tyson," White said.

"So the offer is out there if you want to do it in the UFC. I know he was messing around with MMA for a little while there. Let’s do it. Let’s answer the question. But these guys aren’t boxing him...You want the title of baddest man on the planet? Let’s do it. I’m in...We could all talk about this forever. There’s only one way to find out. Let’s do it. I’m willing to do it. Tyson can call me himself. He has my number.”

Back in 2017, White came together with Showtime to stage a mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

The boxing match, which sold a shattering 4.3 million buys on pay-per-view, saw Mayweather stop McGregor in the tenth round.

While White wants the contest under MMA rules, Jones is open to the idea of actually boxing Fury.

“I would love it if Dana could make that fight happen,” Jones said during a red carpet event at Flanker Kitchen + Sports Bar in Las Vegas, according to MMAFighting. “That’s one thing about the UFC, we always give the fans what they want to see.

“Tyson Fury is just such a magnificent opponent, and it would be awesome to make that fight happen. I’m up for it, and I’d even be willing to box him. Let’s see what happens.”