Former world champion and Sky Sports expert Johnny Nelson gave praise to Youtube star Logan Paul for going the full eight round distance with Floyd Mayweather in their eight round exhibition fight on Sunday night in Miami, Florida.

Nelson, who admits he never expected Paul to go the distance, have the 26-year-old novice a lot of credit for using seasoned tactics to last eight rounds and avoid taking too much punishment.

Paul had a significant advantage in size, height and reach. 

At Saturday's weigh-in, Paul was nearly 35-pounds heavier.

His musclebound frame allowed him to withstand Mayweather's punches - and provided him with the ability to keep the unbeaten boxer in place when holding.

Mayweather, 44-years-old, retired from boxing in August of 2017 - when he stopped UFC star Conor McGregor in ten rounds. 

The victory allowed him to walk away with a perfect 50-0 record - but the last time Mayweather fought an actual boxer was when he dominated Andre Berto over twelve rounds in September of 2015.

The contest with Paul, says Nelson, was a clear indication that Mayweather is now fighting to the level of his age and should not be taking risks against much younger and bigger opponents.

"I think the reality check for Floyd was that he's 44," Nelson told Sky Sports Box Office.

"He said it, I'm not 21, I'm not 25 anymore. I'm quite sure if he could have got him out, he would have done.

"The size and the awkwardness of Logan. He did exactly what he had to do, tie him up, get him to complain to the referee, so he can't work. That's the only way he could have survived. You've got to give him credit, for getting to the end, because I didn't think he'd get there."