John Fury, father of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is still at odds with his son's head trainer, SugarHill Steward.

If the elder Fury had the authority, he would eliminate Steward from the team. The issue stems from statements that were made a few months ago.

In the early months of the year, Fury was in serious discussions for an undisputed fight with unified champion Oleksandr Usyk.

Their negotiations crumbled when the boxers were unable to reach a deal on the financial terms for the rematch.

At the time, Fury claimed that he was already training for the fight with Steward.

However, Steward would later contradict his boxer's statements when he came out and indicated that he was only in Manchester to train Lawrence Okolie and was not training Fury.

Those statements, in particular, made John Fury erupt.

"If a man turns on you they've got to go, haven't they? Going back to Sugar Hill about him saying that he wasn't training Tyson, that was a lie. He had no need to say that, I'm waiting to see him to his face to tell him it's a lie. It will probably cause problems but I don't care what it causes, he's getting told off me one way or the other," John Fury told Mirror Fighting.

"It's in his best interest to avoid me because I won't have them snakes near me. There's a world full of them, be straight. He was living in Tyson's house. Where was he coming from with that bullsh!t? I stand by what I say, he's down the road as far as I'm concerned but it's not my call, if [Tyson] had any sense he would get rid of him.

"A pigeon could train Tyson he's that good, honestly. Give him a drink of water, wash his gumshield out and let him go. All of those expensive trainers are not needed. Until he made that comment, I couldn't sing his praises high enough. Tyson got on with him and we thought he was a family friend, but to me that was just terrible what he did."