Youtuber star turned boxer Jake Paul (4-0, 3 KOs) is prepared to pay fellow prospect Tommy Fury (7-0, 4 KOs) a purse of $1 million for a headline fight on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has already rejected two offers from Team Paul.

Last month, Paul made his Showtime Pay-Per-View debut when he picked up a tough eight round split decision victory over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

In the pay-per-view opener of that card, Fury won a decision over combat sports veteran Anthony Taylor.

After the event was over, Paul and Fury were involved in a tense verbal confrontation.

Earlier this week, Paul went public with a $1 million offer to Fury - with the month of December being the target for staging the fight.

Paul's adviser and founder of talent firm BAVAFA Sports, Nakisa Bidarian, believes Fury should accept the offer.

He explains that Fury would also make additional money on top of the base offer of $1 million.

"Even what Jake put out yesterday, that was not something that was agreed between us and Showtime. That was Jake saying to me yesterday, 'I'm going to come out of my own pocket and increase this, because I want to try and get this done'. The offer is of course a base purse, plus pay-per-view participation in the UK, which is really the market he has any relevance in. And pay-per-view participation in the US. So, the upside is there if the fight performs," Bidarian told The Sun.

"What we said yesterday was let's just put pencils down with Tommy and focus on the three or four other opponents that we're speaking to. But Jake said, 'This is the fight that I want to make happen right now, but I understand the timing, so here's what I'm willing to do'. I said, 'Listen, that's your call, we haven't spoken to Stephen Espinoza or Showtime but if that's what you want to do, it's your decision, it's your money'. But that's the basis of it, and I want to be clear; there's additional upsides to that especially in the UK which is the market you'd hope Tommy would be very successful in when driving pay-per-view.

"The reality is Tommy's nowhere near the draw Tyron Woodley was, who is a four-time UFC champion, one of the greatest welterweights of all time, who brings and entire MMA community with him. So while we respect the Fury family and we love working with Frank and George Warren, you have to be realistic and take the opportunity while it's there. One of the biggest mistakes promoters and fighters make is they don't make the fights when they should and that's as soon as possible, when the timing is right."