Jake Paul couldn’t help but laugh over accusations that he avoided any form of random drug testing ahead of a planned fight with Tommy Fury.

Now that such a bout is no longer on the table, the content creator and current unbeaten cruiserweight has questions of his own after being asked to clear the air on the subject.

“There was never a denial of me [refusing to do] any sort of drug tests,” Paul told BoxingScene.com of the since-canceled bout with Fury, while otherwise discussing his recently announced rematch with retired former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. “They’re out there saying, ‘Tommy will fight Jake with an arm tied behind his back, Tommy will fight him with this, fight him with that.’ Then it turned out not to be true. Then, they come out and say I didn’t want to drug test. Wait a second. Maybe they’re the ones using the steroids or whatever it is.

“They’re a shitty family. Do a side by side picture of me and Tommy. I look like eat cookies. I’m not thick but have always been a naturally chubby kid. Tommy has been ripped to shreds. Why isn’t he fat like Tyson (Fury, lineal heavyweight champion and Tommy’s older brother)? My guess is, whoever smelt it, dealt it.”

The accusation was initially raised by John Fury, Tommy and Tyson’s father who went public with the claim shortly after a press conference in Morecambe, England in late November.

Paul (4-0, 3KOs) participated via live video feed, sporting sunglasses while outdoors at his training camp headquarters in Puerto Rico. The elder Fury repeatedly screamed through the TV screen for Paul to remove his sunglasses—along with several obscene remarks which even prompted TV host BT Sport to offer a formal apology—though without any explanation for the demand.

Claims made days later helped clarify his strange stance.

“He refused point blank to sign up for drug testing with VADA. We’re doing it,” Fury insisted in a video posted on social media. “We’ve always done it. You can test a Fury every day and ten times on Sunday. Tommy has nothing to hide. Can I say the same about Jake Paul? I don’t know.

“The press conference the other day, he has his sunglasses on and won’t remove them. He has this big beard. People who understand what I’m talking about will know where I’m coming from.”

The accusation largely fell on deaf ears, more so after Tommy Fury (7-0, 4KOs) withdrew from the December 18 Showtime Pay-Per-View—which still proceeds, live from AMALIE Arena in Tampa—due to a reported bacterial chest infection and broken rib. He was since replaced by Woodley (0-1 as a boxer), who interestingly made the same claims following their August 29 Showtime PPV headliner from Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland.

The Ohio State Athletic Commission confirmed that fight night drug tests for Paul, Woodley and four other participants—including seven-division and reigning unified featherweight champion Amanda Serrano—all came back negative.

It remains unclear as to the extent of testing conducted thus far by the Florida State Boxing Commission, though BoxingScene.com has confirmed that more testing will be made available than was the case for Paul-Woodley I.

Meanwhile, the fighter still going through with the December 18 show equates Team Fury’s cries to tin foil hat-level conspiracy.

“It’s people making things up,” insists Paul. “John Fury, the guy who spent 11 years in prison [Writer’s note: Fury was sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2011, serving four years before being released in 2015; he remains banned from visiting the U.S], he’s a delusional old guy who’s making the rumor up. People believe anything they read on the internet today which is sad, without actually looking into it.”