This past Saturday night, Youtube star Jake Paul continued his boxing journey with a first round stoppage of MMA veteran Ben Askren in Atlanta.

It was the third fight, and the third stoppage, in Paul's career.

Paul turned pro last year, but he's yet to face an actual boxer in the ring.

He defeated a Youtube rival in his pro debut, then NBA veteran Nate Robinson in November - and now Askren.

But Paul is still pushing for a boxing match with UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

McGregor made his boxing debut in August of 2017 - and suffered a stoppage loss in ten rounds at the hands of Floyd Mayweather.

That was his last boxing appearance.

In his ongoing UFC run, McGregor has lost two of his last three fights.

He was knocked out in January by Dustin Poirier. A trilogy bout has been scheduled for July.

Paul is hoping the knockout of Askren can further his cause to secure a clash with McGregor.

"There are a lot of people [I could fight] but honestly when it comes down to signing the contract, these guys are ducking," Paul told MMA Junkie.

"The McGregor fight just became more realistic like I've been saying. I want to do big fights but I want to take some time off, I've been working my ass off.

"I only want to do big fights but I want a challenge at the same time. Ben Askren was a step up, OK look what happened but we'll see what the next challenge is. I want to do three million or four million pay-per-view buys so who is going to do those numbers?"

Back in November, McGregor discussed the ongoing boxing run of Paul. 

“If they are fighting well then it can’t make a mockery of fighting. They’re getting in and competing. I am not so much against it," McGregor told Bloomberg.

“What I will say though is the numbers that that show calculated was a Mike Tyson fight. You had an icon fighting as well as Roy Jones Jnr, two GOATs of combat sports.

"And then you had the YouTube kid and NBA star competing underneath that. So they done good business. Am I into those competitions myself? You know it’s not the most high-level – if any level – at that stage. Obviously the Tyson vs Jones fight was very high level and very interesting to see what they’re like in their older age. I thought they both fought amazingly. As they say, if it makes dollars, it makes sense. I know Dana and the UFC are not really into it, but I’m not so against it. I think if people are willing to get in and take the risk of making that walk, I’m certainly a viewer.”