Last week at a press conference in Florida, Youtuber Jake Paul and five division champion Floyd Mayweather were involved in a physical altercation.

The press conference was held to announce an exhibition clash between Mayweather and Jake Paul's older brother, fellow social media star Logan Paul.

The exhibition clash, carried by Showtime Pay-Per-View, will take place on June 6th in Miami. 

The media event erupted when Jake Paul snatched Mayweather's cap off his head and ran away with it. Both teams jumped in and several punches were thrown before order was restored.

During the scuffle, one of Mayweather's security members punched Jake Paul in the face - which resulted in a black eye.

Jake Paul is 3-0 as a pro with three stoppages - but he's yet to face an actual boxer in the ring.

Last month, he stopped MMA veteran Ben Askren in the first round.

His older brother Logan is 0-1, with his 2019 pro debut ending in a controversial split decision loss to Youtube rival KSI.

The 44-year-old Mayweather, 50-0, retired from boxing back in August of 2017.

Jake Paul would like to fight Mayweather - but only if they agree on an actual sanctioned fight, not an exhibition.

"I don't want to do exhibitions and I think that's the difference between Floyd and I and even my brother and I. I want legitimate pro fights that are sanctioned, I want to build my pro record. I don't think Floyd would actually fight me outside of an exhibition as he doesn't want to risk his record," Jake Paul told The Sun.

"Maybe if we can come to some kind of agreement around that, I'd fight Floyd. But I'm not doing like the circus, exhibition sh!t."